Workshop Courses: Help us get to know you better 

Below are a sampling of our workshop evaluation forms.  Before a workshop, we will ask participants to fill out a Pre-Test evaluation to assess the knowledge base and provide the instructors with valuable information to assist in teaching to the needs in any particular topic. 


After the workshop, participants will once again be asked to take the corresponding Post-Test to ensure that the information provided in the workshop met the participant's goals in learning and increasing knowledge.​

Pre-Test: Coping with Depression
Post-Test: Coping with Depression
Describe your image.
Pre-Test: High Blood Pressure
Describe your image.
Post-Test: High Blood Pressure
Pre-test: Holiday Safety for Infants
Pos-test: Holiday Safety for Infants
Pre-Test: Infant Safety
Post-Test: Infant Safety
Pre-Test: Coping with Stress
Post-Test: Coping with Stress
Pre-Test: Gestational Hypertension
Post-Test: Gestational Hypertension
Pre-Test: SIDS
Post-Test: SIDS
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